Private lessons & Certified training Available to those inquiring to learn all things beauty.

Elegant Designs

My experience has provided exquisite expectations including, a professional appearance, sanitary environment, and excellent set etiquette. Proficiency in HD makeup, natural, glamour, special effects,

tattoo application & coverage, commercial 

and editorial work.

Certified - Makeup - Professional

"Mine are the eyes of a creator, too."

I am not just confined to application. I have been formally studying Makeup Artistry for the past 7 years. Learning from the best private instructors and renowned artistry institutions available, I am always looking for the chance to create an original designed masterpiece.    

Exquisite Artistry, Exquisite Results

No matter the look you are trying to achieve, I can help you realize it. Mobile, punctual and ready to meet any occasion, including weddings, film and print. Your canvas will undoubtedly shine in my expert hands. 

"Always be an Octopus in a sea of Fish...

...Always be Exquisitely Made Up."

Exquisite Expectations

Make-Up, Made Up