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​​Ariel Stafford         


beauty is accepting & knowing

 who you are.

Certified, MOBILE make-up artist.  

 welcome to Exquisitely Made Up!

 An on-location Make-Up service by Ariel Stafford, that’s me!​

Every face is different. Each its own, unique canvas. My passion is highlighting the beauty in every face. No matter the look you are trying to achieve, I pull out all the stops for any occasion. Whether everyday make-up, editorial shoots, or feature films, your canvas will undoubtedly shine in my expert hands.

Though I am an artist, I’m not only confined to make-up application. I have been formally studying Make-Up Artistry for the past 10 years by way of the best private instructors and renowned artistry institutions. I am always looking for the chance to create an original designed masterpiece.

After graduating Maxima School of Makeup Artistry in 2013, I initially swept the State doing weddings, promotional events and prom make-up. Not long after, I found myself on a commercial shoot and fell in love with the film industry. It was on that set that I developed a passion for Special Effects/SFX Make-up Artistry. Born by a profound interest in horror psychology and diverse art, my mastery of bringing lively, unique and yes, exquisite, creatures to the big screen is unparalleled.

At Exquisitely Made Up, I treat each client as a piece of art. Each piece of art tells an exquisite story through make-up application. My vivid and imaginative make-up will capture your unique essence. No add-ons required. I strive to creatively portray each subject in the most memorable and beautiful of ways. Being mobile, punctual, and carrying excellent (on-set) presence, with an emphasis in sanitation and application techniques, I will make everyone feel like a star.

Always be an Octopus in a sea of fish, forever be Exquisitely Made Up.

Founder & Make-up Artist  Ariel Stafford 

welcome, Clients!


Exquisitely Made Up