"Mine are the eyes of a creator, too."


Ariel is not confined to just application. She has been formally studying makeup artistry for the past 10 years. Learning from the best private instructors and renowned artistry institutions available, Ariel is always looking for the chance to create an original designed masterpiece.        

I'd like to share with you my most recent discovery.

"I'm passionate about the opportunity to empower people; to find the best versions of themselves." 

Ariel Stafford; Founder and Makeup Director of

Exquisitely Made Up 

About Ariel 

I'm proud to announce another Magazine Publication!

 "I love to provide our beauty community with the Exquisite skills & Makeup that can truly make a difference in someones performance and day."

On a recent encounter with Model; Sara McDonald, we got the opportunity to sponsor & provide hair & makeup services for a photo shoot with Photographer Robert French. The shoot was selected for the cover and centerfold of Modern Magazine. Everyone's collaboration on this was nothing short of astounding.